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Whitney Johnson — Tools to Thrive During Disruption

Whitney Johnson and Richie Norton on London at Thinkers50, November 2019.

Whitney Johnson — Tools to Thrive During Disruption

S1 E33: Whitney Johnson — Tools to Thrive During Disruption

To fear or create. Richie Norton interviews world-renowned expert Whitney Johnson about tools to thrive during disruption. Whitney recently, writes, “But as novel as the novel coronavirus is, there is nothing new about trouble and challenge. I think when we succumb to fear and the paralysis or overreaction that it can stimulate, we are more likely to abandon the ship than to have it simply sink on its own.” Whitney Johnson explains,”Resources are meant to be used. Let’s keep the resources circulating and at work. Let’s keep living. Invest in the future. It will affect everything we do and are. And our children. Our children’s children. There will be opportunities for new growth; if we look for those and embrace the constraints (can’t travel, must telecommute, lost half the budget, have to start again in a new place or start a new business, etc.) we will emerge from this perhaps historic moment better prepared for the challenges of the future. Which will come.Innovation is the happy fruit of the resourcefulness demanded by hard times.”   Whitney Johnson is the CEO of WLJ Advisors and one of the 50 leading business thinkers in the world as named by Thinkers50. She is an expert on helping high-growth organizations develop high-growth individuals. Whitney is an award-winning author, world-class keynote speaker, frequent lecturer for Harvard Business School’s Corporate Learning and an executive coach and advisor to CEOs. She is a popular contributor to the Harvard Business Review, has 1.7 million followers on LinkedIn, where she was selected as a Top Voice in 2018, and her course on Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship has been viewed more than 1 million times. In 2019, she was ranked #3 on the Global Gurus’ Top 30 Organizational Culture Professionals. In 2017, she was selected from more than 16,000 candidates as a “Top 15 Coach” by Dr. Marshall Goldsmith. An innovation and disruption theorist, she is the author of the bestselling Build an “A” Team: Play To Their Strengths and Lead Them Up the Learning Curve, and the critically-acclaimed Disrupt Yourself: Putting the Power of Disruptive Innovation to Work.  In these books, she codifies her frameworks for developing high-growth individuals and organizations – the Personal Disruption and the S Curve of Learning frameworks. Whitney was the cofounder of the Disruptive Innovation Fund with Harvard Business School’s Clayton Christensen, through which they invested in and led the $8 million seed round for South Korea’s Coupang, currently valued at more than $9 billion. She was involved in fund formation, capital raising, and the development of the fund’s strategy. As a former award-winning Wall Street stock analyst, Whitney understands momentum and growth. She was an Institutional Investor–ranked equity research analyst for eight consecutive years and was rated by StarMine as a superior stock picker. Whitney hosts the weekly Disrupt Yourself podcast, publishes a popular weekly newsletter, and she is married with two children. The interview takes place on March 16, 2020 just as the USA wakes up to the impacts and implications of COVID-19 and social distancing becomes the new normal. Gathering places like restaurants and event are closed down. The nation is being asked to not meet in groups larger than 10. Major cities worldwide are shutting doors, countries shutting borders and the future is unknown. COVID-19 carriers are rarely speaking up. The world fears contracting the Coronavirus and little is known about what to do if you do.  

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S1 E34: When Circumstance Pits Against Self-Image


When outside circumstances are pitted against your self-image…who do you become? Richie does a deep dive into the thoughts, process and framework shared by Whitney Johnson from his interview with her on tools to thrive during disruption. This aftercast will help you internalize the lessons from the interview and help you actualize your best self during hard times. Learn how disruption becomes growth and what to do about it.

Richie Norton and Whitney Johnson in San Diego at a Coaches100 gathering, January, 2020.

S1 E35: Get Better, Not Bitter: How to Get Unstuck in Times of Uncertainty


How to Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable (as it’s said, your dreams live outside your comfort zone). Through a series of self-reflective questions you will learn principles of how to choose your life during times of uncertainty. Own it and become a self-disruptor to create your ideal career and life so you can live without regret even in disruptive circumstances. This podcast episode will help you know what to do when you’re uncertain and overwhelmed. Keep moving. Get better, not bitter.

Get Unstuck Immediately with This Simple Checklist Created by Richie Norton and Whitney Johnson – FREE:

What is an Aftercast and a Solocast?

Every Interview is followed by what I call an Aftercast and a Solocast. So. each episode becomes a three-part training. These mini-trilogy trainings can be listened independently. I’ve included the Aftercast and Solocast for those looking to create significant, meaningful life and business transformations.

All improvement is self-improvement.

I invented / coined the term “aftercast” to mean an in-depth, post-show review of the interview show I do with my guests to serve my listeners as mini-training for greater implementation. An aftercast is a reward for action-takers interested in the topic(s) my guest. My aftercast podcast draws primarily from my guest’s content as the subject material for life and business lessons.

The solocast piece in this three-part scenario is the last episode in the podcast training trilogy. In a solocast, I teach my listeners entrepreneurship, life lessons and more drawing primarily from my own teachings, philosophies, experiences and works around the topics discussed with my guests.

If you listen to all three parts in what I call a podcast stack or podcast stacking, you will 1) learn from an expert in an interview format, 2) take a deep dive into the expert’s content as if it were a high-level training or masterclass on subject-matter strategy, and 3) learn additional ways to from me on how I implement the information and you can to as a practical, hands-on approach.

Strategy is in the head. Tactics are in the hands. Results are in the heart.

The Richie Norton Show podcast stacks are similar to the stuff trainers sell for a lot of money because they are valuable. I know because I do sell this stuff, my clients sell this stuff and we buy this stuff. It’s that good. Hope you enjoy this free content…free is a fast way to spread a message but my fear is that you won’t take it for the value it can provide. I hope the effort to listen will help you learn, launch and live for the better–whatever that looks like for you.

Dream big and act on the small things.


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