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Laura Gassner Otting — Limitless

Richie Norton and Laura Gassner Otting in London at Thinkers50.

Laura Gassner Otting — Limitless

E44: Laura Gassner Otting — Limitless

Richie Norton interviews Laura Gassner Otting and they discuss success and happiness in life and business surrounding the principles in her book Limitless: How to Ignore Everybody, Carve Your Own Path, and Live Your Best Life.

“Laura helps readers discover their consonance — how they align what they do with who they are — to achieve their limitless potential.

With lessons learned over 20 years of interviewing hundreds of nonprofit, corporate, and government leaders, all of whom were in the midst of massive career change, Gassner Otting helps readers discover their greatness and encourages them to forge ahead and become the best versions of themselves.” This powerfully helpful conversation dives deep into The Four Elements of Consonance (Calling, Connection, Contribution, Control) and how you can create greater freedom, success and happiness even amidst hard times like COVID19.  

Laura Gassner Otting is a serial entrepreneur and a globally touring professional speaker (from colleges to conferences to corporations around the world–from the US Army base in Japan, to a TEDx stage in Boston, to The TODAY Show and Good Morning America). She is the founder of Limitless Possibility, a niche consulting firm working with entrepreneurs, philanthropists, executives, and thought leaders to get them unstuck and achieve extraordinary result.

Laura is also the founder and CEO, NPAG (executive search firm serving nonprofits, foundations, universities, advocacy orgs) and former Political Appointee to The Clinton White House (helped found the national service program, AmeriCorps, in which more than 1M Americans have now served).  

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E45: How to Create Purpose & Freedom Defined by You


How do you create personal freedom? How do you make room for dreams, goals, purpose, others and personal wellness? Richie takes to heart the incredible works of Laura Gassner Otting following their interview and challenges you to create a Limitless Life. Listen in now to break the cycle of negative, limited thinking and create a new limitless, upward spiral of success.

Richie Norton and Laura Gassner Otting recording this awesome podcast.

E46: Stop Managing Time, Start Prioritizing Attention


Good things happen not by managing time, but by prioritizing attention. Richie goes solo and shares with you how to create time (not take time) with your projects and business This powerful podcast takes you behind the scenes of Richie’s thoughts on the silliness of modern time management and how to improve your own life with attention prioritization. 

Attention > Intention. Discover a new, simple tool Richie invented to help you put your dream life at the center of your daily activities and how to create economic moats and strategic moats to support your ideal lifestyle through 1) elimination, 2) delegation and 3) outsourcing. You’re intentioned, but your attention is not on intent-yielding results. Pay attention to your attention and watch your intention align with daily actions.

What is an Aftercast and a Solocast?

Every Interview is followed by what I call an Aftercast and a Solocast. So. each episode becomes a three-part training. These mini-trilogy trainings can be listened independently. I’ve included the Aftercast and Solocast for those looking to create significant, meaningful life and business transformations.

All improvement is self-improvement.

I invented / coined the term “aftercast” to mean an in-depth, post-show review of the interview show I do with my guests to serve my listeners as mini-training for greater implementation. An aftercast is a reward for action-takers interested in the topic(s) my guest. My aftercast podcast draws primarily from my guest’s content as the subject material for life and business lessons.

The solocast piece in this three-part scenario is the last episode in the podcast training trilogy. In a solocast, I teach my listeners entrepreneurship, life lessons and more drawing primarily from my own teachings, philosophies, experiences and works around the topics discussed with my guests.

If you listen to all three parts in what I call a podcast stack or podcast stacking, you will 1) learn from an expert in an interview format, 2) take a deep dive into the expert’s content as if it were a high-level training or masterclass on subject-matter strategy, and 3) learn additional ways to from me on how I implement the information and you can to as a practical, hands-on approach.

Strategy is in the head. Tactics are in the hands. Results are in the heart.

The Richie Norton Show podcast stacks are similar to the stuff trainers sell for a lot of money because they are valuable. I know because I do sell this stuff, my clients sell this stuff and we buy this stuff. It’s that good. Hope you enjoy this free content…free is a fast way to spread a message but my fear is that you won’t take it for the value it can provide. I hope the effort to listen will help you learn, launch and live for the better–whatever that looks like for you.

Dream big and act on the small things.


Listen Here to The Richie Norton Show Podcast: Happiness, Entrepreneurship, Lifestyle, Productivity




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