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Keith Ferrazzi — Leading Without Authority

Richie Norton and Keith Ferrazzi in Santa Monica, California.

Keith Ferrazzi — Leading Without Authority

E47: Keith Ferrazzi — Leading Without Authority

Richie Norton interviews Keith Ferrazzi #1 NYT bestselling author, who wrote Never Eat Alone, Who’s Got Your Back, and most recently published Leading Without Authority. He’s an entrepreneur, Founder & Chairman of Ferrazzi Greenlight and an executive team coach to some of the most prominent organizations in the world.

He’s a thought leader and frequent contributor at publications such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, WSJ, and Fast Company. Recently, Keith has been at the forefront of remote team transitions since his published research in 2012-2015 appeared in Harvard Business Review. “Leading Without Authority is a radical new workplace operating system in which leadership no longer demands an office, an official title, or even a physical workplace. When external pressures are mounting, and employees are working from their homes, we can no longer afford to waste time navigating the complex chains of command or bureaucratic bottlenecks present in most companies. But when we choose the bold new methodology of Co-Elevation as our operating model, we unlock the potential to boost productivity, deepen commitment and engagement, and create a level of trust, mutual accountability, and purpose that exceeds what could have been accomplished under the status quo. Regardless of your title, position, or where or how you work, the ability to lead without authority is an essential workplace competency.”

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Never Go Back To Work…Go Forward:

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E48: How to Lead From Where You Are


Richie takes a deep dive into Keith Ferrazzi work on how to lead without authority. This podcast can help you further “unleash growth and mitigate unsuspected risk…[so you can turn] colleagues and partners into teammates to truly reboot the way we work together.” Learn how to lead now from where you are, wherever you are, no authority needed. Permission granted…but you never needed permission. Leadership is a choice, not a title.

E49: Mission Matching: How to Ask for Help, Mentors, Collabs


Can it hurt to ask? Yes it can. Mission matching is a term Richie and Natalie Norton coined to explain how to ask as a giver, not a taker to collaborate with others on your dreams…and advance their dreams simultaneously. Mission matching is an ask that creates synergistic congruence (aka win-win) between missions. Don’t be a “you scratch my back” guy. That’s transactional. Don’t be a taker. Learn how to ask for help, find mentors, collaborate and create joint-ventures by helping others first…without expecting anything in return…through mission matching. Be a giver. Play the long game by creating transformational relationship, transformational experiences and a transformational lifestyle through mission matching. Mission Matching is detailed in Richie and Natalie’s book The Power of Starting Something Stupid. When you match your ask with their mission everyone wins.

What is an Aftercast and a Solocast?

Every Interview is followed by what I call an Aftercast and a Solocast. So. each episode becomes a three-part training. These mini-trilogy trainings can be listened independently. I’ve included the Aftercast and Solocast for those looking to create significant, meaningful life and business transformations.

All improvement is self-improvement.

I invented / coined the term “aftercast” to mean an in-depth, post-show review of the interview show I do with my guests to serve my listeners as mini-training for greater implementation. An aftercast is a reward for action-takers interested in the topic(s) my guest. My aftercast podcast draws primarily from my guest’s content as the subject material for life and business lessons.

The solocast piece in this three-part scenario is the last episode in the podcast training trilogy. In a solocast, I teach my listeners entrepreneurship, life lessons and more drawing primarily from my own teachings, philosophies, experiences and works around the topics discussed with my guests.

If you listen to all three parts in what I call a podcast stack or podcast stacking, you will 1) learn from an expert in an interview format, 2) take a deep dive into the expert’s content as if it were a high-level training or masterclass on subject-matter strategy, and 3) learn additional ways to from me on how I implement the information and you can to as a practical, hands-on approach.

Strategy is in the head. Tactics are in the hands. Results are in the heart.

The Richie Norton Show podcast stacks are similar to the stuff trainers sell for a lot of money because they are valuable. I know because I do sell this stuff, my clients sell this stuff and we buy this stuff. It’s that good. Hope you enjoy this free content…free is a fast way to spread a message but my fear is that you won’t take it for the value it can provide. I hope the effort to listen will help you learn, launch and live for the better–whatever that looks like for you.

Dream big and act on the small things.


Listen Here to The Richie Norton Show Podcast: Happiness, Entrepreneurship, Lifestyle, Productivity




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