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S1 E23: SIRAH — A Light in the Dark (Explicit)

SIRAH, Grammy Award Winning Rapper

This Podcast is Fire. Must Listen.

SIRAH — A Light in the Dark (Explicit)

SIRAH is a Grammy award winning rapper (Skrillex – Bangarang) who overcame abject poverty, homelessness, kidnapping, rape, drugs, gangs, violence, and addiction. She lived through the unimaginable and created a new life through self-determination. She brings her uncommon experience and wisdom into her music and outreach efforts. As a singer songwriter she works with many artists and travels the world. She is a life coach to celebrities, teens and women and is based in Hollywood.

Skrillex and Sirah Win Grammy (Source: Getty Images)

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Richie met Sirah in Moldova doing a TEDx Talk a few years ago. They’ve been best friends ever since.

SIRAH and Richie TEDx Moldova

Sirah discusses her stranger-than-fiction life story and teaches you how you can work through your most difficult circumstances. Sirah’s message is deep, important, raw, real and necessary. You will find the light in your life and protect others’ light as a result of listening in and applying the lessons learned. Sirah says, “You get to choose what your past meant to create your future.” Learn how to channel your light in your darkness. Your reaction creates the energy around situations, not the situation itself. Sirah is a light in the dark. You can be a light too. You must. Listen to Sara and be inspired. (Explicit)

SIRAH (Source: Getty Images)
Sirah and Richie in Moldova. Frame Game. (New Band) :-) 2016.
TEDx Chisinau. Richie and SIRAH. 2016.
Cardon Norton and Sirah on a fiery day at Disneyland. 2017.
Richie and Sirah. Hollywood. 2020.

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Sirah’s life-changing story will change your life for the good.


We can chat here about the conversations we have on the podcast. So rad. So fun. SOOO good! Click here for to join our free community:


S1 E24: How to Choose Your Past to Create Your Future

#24 SIRAH AFTERCAST MINI-TRAINING: Richie Norton takes a deep dive into Sirah’s amazing insights and life lessons on the Interview. Specifically, as Sirah says,

“I have lots of different sides. Some of those sides are no longer needed. We have to unlearn some of those because we are no longer threatened. There are sides of me that aren’t needed any more.They were useful then. They aren’t useful now.”


Learn how to shed layers that use to be useful that aren’t serving you now. Learn how to create and share light inside and out. Richie goes through a series of reflective questions to help you uncover what needs to be done to become a more translucent human. 

S1 E25: Life Experience is the New Work Experience


“Everybody coming into our lives is a lesson.”


In this podcast, Richie provides breadth to the depth of your life, your experience and future so you can better learn from every person and every experience (past and present). If you want to experience the depth of life, it’s not going to happen by digging deeper. The depth of life is found in the breadth of living.

Each time throughout history that a new era of rapid advancement happens, the key players to the progress and the winners in this economy have a breadth of experience. Yes, depth is important. Depth gets context when breadth gets attention.

The old adage “jack of all trades, master of none” doesn’t make sense today. In fact, in the 21st Century, if you’re a master of one, you’re a master of none. Why? The world changes so fast that the thing you mastered becomes irrelevant overnight or is automated.

Life-Experience is the New Work-Experience (Breadth > Depth). Discover depth and breadth lessons through self-concept clarity — a clearer sense of self. The more you learn, the more creative you become IF you apply breadth to your depth. Your experience matters. Use it well.

What is an Aftercast and a Solocast?

Every Interview is followed by what I call an Aftercast and a Solocast. So. each episode becomes a three-part training. These mini-trilogy trainings can be listened independently. I’ve included the Aftercast and Solocast for those looking to create significant, meaningful life and business transformations.

All improvement is self-improvement.

I invented / coined the term “aftercast” to mean an in-depth, post-show review of the interview show I do with my guests to serve my listeners as mini-training for greater implementation. An aftercast is a reward for action-takers interested in the topic(s) my guest. My aftercast podcast draws primarily from my guest’s content as the subject material for life and business lessons.

The solocast piece in this three-part scenario is the last episode in the podcast training trilogy. In a solocast, I teach my listeners entrepreneurship, life lessons and more drawing primarily from my own teachings, philosophies, experiences and works around the topics discussed with my guests.

If you listen to all three parts in what I call a podcast stack or podcast stacking, you will 1) learn from an expert in an interview format, 2) take a deep dive into the expert’s content as if it were a high-level training or masterclass on subject-matter strategy, and 3) learn additional ways to from me on how I implement the information and you can to as a practical, hands-on approach.

Strategy is in the head. Tactics are in the hands. Results are in the heart.

The Richie Norton Show podcast stacks are similar to the stuff trainers sell for a lot of money because they are valuable. I know because I do sell this stuff, my clients sell this stuff and we buy this stuff. It’s that good. Hope you enjoy this free content…free is a fast way to spread a message but my fear is that you won’t take it for the value it can provide. I hope the effort to listen will help you learn, launch and live for the better–whatever that looks like for you.

Dream big and act on the small things.


Listen Here to The Richie Norton Show Podcast: Happiness, Entrepreneurship, Lifestyle, Productivity




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