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Jeff Goins — Real Artists Don’t Starve — with Richie Norton

Jeff Goins on The Richie Norton Show

The Art of Being an Artist, Writer, Creative, Meaningful Entrepreneur

S1 E8 Jeff Goins — Real Artists Don’t Starve: How to Thrive Like Michelangelo, Jim Henson, George Lucas by Living Your Unlived Life

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Richie and Natalie Norton with Jeff Goins and Friends at the Red Lion in London (2019). Fun fact: Charles Dickens was a regular visitor here back in the day.

The Richie Norton Show: A Podcast for Happiness, Entrepreneurship, Lifestyle and Productivity (Self-H.E.L.P)

How to Earn Money as An Artist, Writer, Creator with the Mindset of a Thriving Creative Entrepreneur and Practical Business Principles with Jeff Goins

#8. Richie Norton dives in with bestselling author Jeff Goins as he teaches you how to not starve as an artist. Drawing from his best-selling books (including Real Artists Don’t Starve, The Art of Work, You Are a Writer) and expansive experience as an author, entrepreneur, artist and coach, Jeff “dismantles the myth that being creative is a hindrance to success by revealing how an artistic temperament is in fact a competitive advantage.

For centuries, the myth of the starving artist has dominated our culture, seeping into the minds of creative people and stifling their pursuits.” Richie Norton and Jeff Goins share interesting stories with each other to help people understand how to thrive in pursuing their craft and living dreams through practical, timeless strategies, principles and tactics. This is a powerful podcast around inspiration, courage and business for creatives.

About Jeff Goins: His award-winning blog is visited by millions of people every year. Through his online courses, events, and coaching programs, he helps thousands of writers succeed every year. Jeff lives with his family just outside of Nashville, where he makes the world’s best guacamole.Real Artists Don’t Starve is a Wall Street Journal bestseller. “Through inspiring anecdotes of successful creatives both past and present, Goins shows that living by these rules is not only doable but it’s also a fulfilling way to thrive.

“From graphic designers and writers to artists and business professionals, creatives already know that no one is born an artist. Goins’ revolutionary rules celebrate the process of becoming an artist, a person who utilizes the imagination in fundamental ways. He reminds creatives that business and art are not mutually exclusive pursuits. In fact, success in business and in life flow from a healthy exercise of creativity.

Expanding upon the groundbreaking work in his previous bestseller The Art of Work, Goins explores the tension every creative person and organization faces in an effort to blend the inspired life with a practical path to success. Being creative isn’t a disadvantage for success; rather, it is a powerful tool to be harnessed.”


We can chat here about the conversations we have on the podcast. So rad. So fun. SOOO good!

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S1 E9 How to Live the Unlived Life: Part of You is Trying to Get Your Attention

#9 Richie Norton Dives into the Jeff Goins Interview Sharing Special Insights (Immediatly Practical Applications) Aftercast Mini-Training:

JEFF GOINS AFTERCAST MINI-TRAINING: Richie takes you behind the scenes with his learnings and greatest insights from the interview with Jeff to help you implement Jeff’s teachings on Real Artists Don’t Starve. Drawing from Jeff’s content and his own experiences, Richie helps you create a better business model for your business to support your lifestyle, art and dream work. Powerful, practical content including self-evaluating questions to help you take next steps. Part of you is always trying to get your attention, as Jeff shared,…what is the “unlived life” you should or want to be living?

S1 E10 How to Price Your Art, Service, Product: Pricing Strategy Optimization


RICHIE NORTON SOLOCAST MINI-TRAINING: Richie shares with you a pricing strategy for creatives, artists, entrepreneurs, wantrepreneurs who want to make meaning and have a happy lifestyle for themselves and their families. Business should be build to create a better life, but too many people are sacrificing their life for their business. Why? What if there is a more effective, efficient, energizing way to create value than at your personal life’s expense? There is. Listen to this podcast to discover how to build a better business, generate additional free time without losing your soul. Learn how to price your art, service or product for lifestyle optimization and meaningful, modern entrepreneurship.

Note: Includes insights into the Tesla Pricing Strategy and Elon Musk’s Intentional Big Ticket Pricing to Lower Ticket Horizontal Rollout. Practical application for strategic pricing with lifestyle consciousness for thoughtful entrepreneurs.

What is an Aftercast and a Solocast?

Every Interview is followed by what I call an Aftercast and a Solocast. So. each episode becomes a three-part training. These mini-trilogy trainings can be listened independently. I’ve included the Aftercast and Solocast for those looking to create significant, meaningful life and business transformations.

All improvement is self-improvement.

I invented / coined the term “aftercast” to mean an in-depth, post-show review of the interview show I do with my guests to serve my listeners as mini-training for greater implementation. An aftercast is a reward for action-takers interested in the topic(s) my guest. My aftercast podcast draws primarily from my guest’s content as the subject material for life and business lessons.

The solocast piece in this three-part scenario is the last episode in the podcast training trilogy. In a solocast, I teach my listeners entrepreneurship, life lessons and more drawing primarily from my own teachings, philosophies, experiences and works around the topics discussed with my guests.

If you listen to all three parts in what I call a podcast stack or podcast stacking, you will 1) learn from an expert in an interview format, 2) take a deep dive into the expert’s content as if it were a high-level training or masterclass on subject-matter strategy, and 3) learn additional ways to from me on how I implement the information and you can to as a practical, hands-on approach.

Strategy is in the head. Tactics are in the hands. Results are in the heart.

The Richie Norton Show podcast stacks are similar to the stuff trainers sell for a lot of money because they are valuable. I know because I do sell this stuff, my clients sell this stuff and we buy this stuff. It’s that good. Hope you enjoy this free content…free is a fast way to spread a message but my fear is that you won’t take it for the value it can provide. I hope the effort to listen will help you learn, launch and live for the better–whatever that looks like for you.

Dream big and act on the small things.


Listen Here to The Richie Norton Show Podcast: Happiness, Entrepreneurship, Lifestyle, Productivity



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