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The Power of Positive Thoughts: Experiments in Clicking to Happiness with Hilary Weeks

click your way to happiness

Can you click your way to a happier life?

It’s been said that we think more than 300 negative thoughts a day. THREE HUNDRED. That’s a negative thought about every two and a half minutes during a 12 hour day.

My friend, singer / songwriter Hilary Weeks was compelled to find out if that was true. She bought a clicker and started counting each negative thought she had. The result? After seven days she felt discouraged, gloomy and depressed. Then she wondered what would happen if she started counting all her positive thoughts. She did. Not surprisingly, she felt motivated, strengthened and confident.

Watch Hilary explain how clicking changed her life here.


Negative thoughts seem to always find their way into my mind and start to bring me down. It’s hard to build a business, a happy family and positive atmosphere when negativity beats on your door every 2.5 minutes. I wanted to see if clicking had a positive effect on me too. Here’s what I realized: the fact that I had the clicker in my hand made me mindful of my thoughts and helped me become more intentional about what I was thinking. Further, when I didn’t have the clicker in my hand, the fact that I’d been practicing being positive made me continue to think positively. Thus, greater happiness ensued.


Hilary has a goal to flood the world with a BILLION clicks — a billion happy thoughts. People from all walks of life and from all over have already logged over 3.5 million clicks! Hilary’s idea is spreading!


I want to support Hilary’s goal and I want you to join in the fun too. Here’s the deal:

  • I’ll send a copy of The Power of Starting Something Stupid to the first three people to email me (Richie @ verifying they’ve purchased a clicker and logged their first 100 clicks to
  • You can use the coupon code: NATALIE455 at to order the Clicker Kit ($11.95 + shipping).  For each Clicker Kit ordered with this code, you will receive a free clicker, wristband and sticker ($4.99 reg). Your coupon code is good between Nov 1st and Nov 30th, 2013.

The Clicker Kits make great stocking stuffers, neighbor gifts, teacher’s Christmas gifts.  Also, clicking is a great way to prepare for Thanksgiving.  Last November Hilary’s family placed a community clicker in the kitchen.  They clicked over 5,000 times for things they were grateful for!  Awesome, right? Clicking is a great way to achieve New Year’s resolutions too.

Here’s what other people are saying about clicking:

“My mom ran across this program and it has changed my life. After a long bout of toxic negative thoughts that plagued my life (funny thing was I did not even know it was happening) my little clicker helped empower me again. I have a strong and firm testimony of what these clickers represent…the power of having a positive outlook on life!”  – Sam

“I used my clicker with my third graders to combat bullying at school. Instead we clicked for kind words and actions on the playground at recess for about a month. My kids loved it! It was great for them to look for the good.” – Mrs. Houser

“Making my life happier, one click at a time!” – Bethany

“Told myself over and over that I would be able to understand the concepts being taught in my Chem 285 class. After doing that, I was able to do my homework. On my own. For the first time! It makes us physically capable of more!”  – Kenzie

“I just got my clicker today and it was such a great tangible reminder to have happy thoughts!!”  – Julianne

Can’t wait to hear how clicking works for you.

Click here (pun intended) to get your own clicker.

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  1. Teresa Nov 08th 8:07 am

    Love the clicker. My mom struggles with negative thoughts a lot and I try to be the “look at the good side” when we visit. I was going to be out of town most of October and not in a place where I could call often so I bought her a clicker and asked her to click positive while I was gone. I hear a change in her voice when I talk to her on the phone now. And she has noticed a difference too. tt works! I love it!

  2. Natalie norton Dec 06th 4:19 pm

    Teresa! I LOVE reading that!

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