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If you’ve found this site, that means you’ve received the link to an advanced copy of the ebook Resumes Are Dead and What to Do About It (RAD). If you haven’t receive your free copy of RAD, go here before “free” goes away.

Thanks to the thousands of people who previewed this material and to those who provided feedback about how it enriched your life and proved applicable in the real world. The verdict is this: the system works. Plain and simple.

Dubbed “sheer genius” by New York Times bestselling author, Stephen M.R. Covey, RESUMES ARE DEAD is not for the faint of heart. This ebook tackles one of life’s most compelling choices: money or meaning? The ebook and audio are relevant, timely and career-critical. Learn how to design a career that supports your quest for both money and meaning—providing you the freedom to pursue your dreams and live your ideal lifestyle.

This is career development reworked, unconventional and results-driven. Whether you’re retired, in the middle of your career, fresh out of college, or have been hit hard by economic crisis, RESUMES ARE DEAD is chock-full of powerful, raw principles that will help you find your footing, contribute to the world in meaningful ways, and simultaneously create your ideal lifestyle.

The ebook also contains links to NEW educational videos created to expand on the principles taught in the book. A.TON.OF.WORK has gone into these, and they’re awesome.

I also recorded an audio version so you can listen and get inspired on the go!  You can watch a short video of me explaining why I wrote the book and listen to a short clip of the audio here.

Spread the love by sharing this link on Facebook, Twitter, email etc! Share with all your friends, family, coworkers etc! But hurry, “free” will all go away soon.


At the end of the free download period, I will be giving away a Kindle Fire to one lucky winner.

To Enter:

Download the ebook here, then follow these steps:

1.  Connect with me on one (or all) of the following. Each connection counts as an additional entry!

  • Follow me on Twitter. (I’m brand new to Twitter. Big thanks to the 122 people who followed me before I ever tweeted or loaded a profile pic. I love you already.)
  • Friend me (or subscribe) on Facebook.
  • Join my Newsletter.
  • Sign up for my blog feed via email

2. Tweet and/or Facebook this link to the splash page (here’s the short link): That’s another entry!

3.  Be sure to comment below telling me what you did to enter, so that your entries are sure to be counted!

Winner will be chosen at random by Note: winner has 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be selected!

*Contest void where prohibited.

*Contest now closed. Thanks!

Good luck! And WELCOME to the new blog! Don’t miss the welcome post here.


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  1. Aileen Reilly Mar 06th 12:45 am

    Ok, I’ve followed on Twitter, friended on FB, joined the newsletter, and subscribed via email.

    4 entries. :)

    • Richie Norton Mar 06th 1:27 am

      Thanks, Aileen! AND you were the first one to comment and found the site before the official launch! That’s gotta count for something. Thanks!

  2. Angel naivalu Mar 07th 7:23 am

    1. friends on FB
    2. Joined newsletter
    3. subscribed to blog feed
    4. posted a FB msg re your link

    Way excited for you!

  3. Cathy Mar 07th 12:40 pm

    1. Friends on FB
    2. Joined newsletter
    3. Subscribed to blog feed

    Looking forward to reading your blog.

  4. Katie Mar 07th 12:45 pm

    Love this! Can’t wait to follow all of your blog posts and I’m going to share this with everyone! Followed on twitter and about to join your newsletter too!

  5. Leeyen Mar 07th 12:50 pm

    This is really awesome. Go Richie! :)

  6. Kate Mar 07th 12:59 pm

    Congratulations on all the big things happening. I’m now following you on twitter and have signed up for the blog feed via email. thanks!

  7. jessica Mar 07th 1:10 pm

    Way to go Richie!!!!

  8. Tammara Mar 07th 1:12 pm

    Followed on Twitter
    Been friends on FB
    joined newsletter
    subscribed via email
    emailed the link to friends and fam
    retweeted on twitter

  9. Andrea caballer Mar 07th 1:18 pm

    I follow you on twitter, subscribed to your fb feed, signed up for the newsletter, and the blog feed.

    4 entries for me and Can’t wait to read the book! thanks!

  10. amy solava Mar 07th 1:34 pm

    hey richie!
    I followed you on twiter, friended on facebook, subscribed to emails, and joined the newsletter!

  11. RACHEL hIKIDA Mar 07th 2:03 pm


  12. RACHEL HIKIDA Mar 07th 2:04 pm


  13. Jim Taylor Mar 07th 2:07 pm

    Downloaded and read the book (amazing), followed on twitter, friended on Facebook, joined newsletter. thank you for your advice and example. I’m old but even I can make changes!

  14. Benson garner Mar 07th 2:15 pm


    My wife passed your ebook along to me some time ago and I read it and was excited about it then. I’m very happy to hear that it has now been published and am excited for your progress.

    To help spread the word I did the following:

    1. I made all of the listed connections (twitter, facebook, newsletter, blog feed).
    2. Tweeted and facebooked the link to the splash page for the ebook.
    3. and to go an extra step (no extra entries necessary), I posted it to several entrepreneurship groups I am involved with on Facebook and LinkedIn.

    Thanks for the ebook and Good luck with everything.

  15. kimberly oyler Mar 07th 2:54 pm

    1.downloaded ebook
    2.followed you on twitter (ps. i totally gave up twitter for lent AND HAD TO LOG BACK IN TO FOLLOW YOU. THAT’S TOTALLY WORTH AN EXTRA ENTRY, RIGHT?)

  16. kimberly oyler Mar 07th 2:55 pm

    my apologies for the obnoxious caps lock.

  17. Jamie Mar 07th 3:01 pm

    I was one of the 122 on twitter…been patiently waiting for your big debut!

  18. Jamie Mar 07th 3:04 pm

    Shoot forgot to mention…
    Following on Facebook now too
    I tweeted the link
    Signed up for the news letter
    And signed up for the blog feed
    And now I will go and Facebook your link too!

    Super exciting stuff happening for you!!!

  19. Paula Mar 07th 3:29 pm

    I friended you on Facebook, linked your page and made a comment about it on my Facebook page, signed up for your newsletter and signed up for your blog! I’ve started reading the book and I’m excited about it!

  20. Shari Hanson Mar 07th 3:31 pm

    Congrats Richie! i’m so fond of natalie…so i have no doubt i will be fond of you as well! welcome to the www!

    i downloaded your book, and i’m following you on twitter!

  21. Michael Mar 07th 3:33 pm

    1. friends on FB
    2. subscribed to blog feed

    Thanks, looking forward to reading the book.

  22. Shari Hanson Mar 07th 3:38 pm

    hi again… i didn’t realize i should let you know i did a few other things as well!

    1. following you on twitter and tweeted your link!
    2. sent a friend request on FB and posted a link to your splash page!
    3. signed-up for your news letter

    p.s. do you know my friend Kent howe? he’s also at thunderbird right now…

  23. Erin Faye Mar 07th 3:51 pm

    I follow you on twitter!

  24. Lindsay McBride Mar 07th 4:33 pm

    Richie I think you rule the school! I find it hard to believe that you and Natalie are only in your thirties you each have the wisdom of an 80 year old! we miss you guys! Oh and I shared it and signed up and stuff. i will spread the word!

  25. Carolyn mohler Mar 07th 6:52 pm

    Facebook, twitter, & blog feed! Woot woot!

  26. Erin C Mar 07th 6:58 pm

    I’m following you on Twitter & sign up for your newsletter.
    2 entries

  27. JOhn Skiba Mar 07th 7:31 pm

    Hey Richie:

    I read your book today. Congrats! Nice work.

  28. Mickisha Mar 07th 7:40 pm

    Thanks for the great read! I liked you on facebook.

  29. Julie Mar 07th 7:47 pm

    Excited to check out the free book! Thanks!
    Subscribed via e-mail.

  30. lindsay Mcbride Mar 07th 7:55 pm

    richie, just finished reading! Loved it! it’s fantastic!

  31. Mickisha Mar 07th 8:01 pm

    Um yeah . . . not sure if you want separate entries but since we are going list style I will follow along:)
    i signed up for your feed.
    Your newsletter.
    and twitter.

  32. whitney carden Mar 07th 8:12 pm

    added friend on facebook.
    followed on twitter.
    subscribed to blog.
    spread the word via facebook.
    p.s. thanks for the free ebook.

  33. Mar 07th 8:42 pm

    i did all of the above – cheers!

  34. Kristi Mar 08th 12:20 am

    Right on. pick me, pick me.

  35. Krista Mar 08th 3:30 am

    Very cool stuff :) I did the following:
    found you on facebook
    joined the newsletter
    signed up for the blog feed
    shared the link on facebook

  36. Morgan Mar 08th 6:00 am

    I signed up for your newsletter. Congratulations on the launch of this new venture!

  37. Ping Mar 08th 6:27 am

    Hi I found your blog through your wife’s, I was initially trying to look for tips on amateur wedding phototgraphy and after a few clicks, here I am. I downloaded your ebook, subscribed to you on facebook, followed you on Twitter, subscribed to your newsletter & blog feed. :) Hope I’ll be lucky…

  38. Tami nelson Mar 08th 7:19 am

    I’m pretty sure I did all of the above excpet Tweet. I even pinned it!!! Way to rock the www!!!!

  39. Elisa Cunningham Mar 08th 7:40 am

    This looks great! I’m excited to read your new book. I have subscribed to the blog, newsletter, facebook, and shared the link on facebook. That’s four entries…Thanks!

  40. Monica Mar 08th 8:15 am

    following you on twitter. Looking forward to reading your book. thanks so much for the free download!

  41. Monica Mar 08th 8:17 am


  42. Lesa Mar 08th 8:41 am

    i downloaded the book and subscribed through email!

  43. Shawn Hardesty Mar 08th 9:31 am

    I followed you on Twitter, Friends on facebook, signed up for the newsletter and blog feed, tweeted and facebooked the link. good stuff.

  44. Lara cheney Mar 08th 9:38 am

    Ok I don’t do the twitter thing because frankly it confuses me. I friended you on fb well before the book came out because you and your sweet wife are awesome. I joined the newsletter and subcribed via email. So that should be 3 entries :) Probably won’t win because I never win any of that stuff but would love a kindle fire.

  45. Lara cheney Mar 08th 9:42 am

    Ok forgot to mention I had downloaded and just linked in fb and I will try and pin it. So that would make 2 or 3 more entries.

  46. Joy Mar 08th 9:53 am

    I downloaded the book – thanks!
    I am following you on Twitter
    I am subscribed to you on facebook
    I joined your newsletter
    I signed up for your blog feed
    I shared the link to your splash page on facebook
    I am commenting here… hope I covered all the bases!

  47. Jodi Orgill Brown Mar 08th 10:14 am

    Richie, i’ve shared your ebook on my blog before, but this is worthy of another link. Can I put your blog link on my site? This time, it is not stupid at all. :) Much aloha! jodi

    • Richie Norton Mar 08th 3:16 pm

      Hey Jodi! Of course. Thanks so much for being cool! I really appreciate it.

  48. Jodi Orgill Brown Mar 08th 10:16 am

    Oh, and I signed up for your newsletter, your blog, I reposted on FB and we are already FB friends. Thanks for all you do to inspire me!

  49. Amy Mak Mar 08th 10:19 am

    I just downloaded your e-book (thanks and congratulations from an aspiring author – I know it’s not easy!), facebooked you, and subscribed to your newsletter. Thanks for the good advice and chance to win a kindle!

  50. TAylor Beebe Mar 08th 10:32 am

    1. fb friends
    2. newsletter
    3. blog feed
    4. fb post

    Congrats on hitting #1


  51. Lisa A. Mar 08th 10:36 am

    I’m following on Twitter (@angloaddict), subscribed on Facebook, joined the newsletter and signed up for email updates! Tweeted link to splash page:!/Angloaddict/status/177824902273957889

  52. Erin Mar 08th 10:55 am

    Great e-book. seriously brilliant. i use to work for a company that taught employer’s how to interview to find the right employee. It is much easier when the employee has already become the right employee.

    Loved it. keep more coming. 3 entries

    • Richie Norton Mar 08th 3:13 pm

      ” It is much easier when the employee has already become the right employee.” Brilliant! So true!

  53. Janice Auna Mar 08th 11:25 am

    I’m excited to read the book richie. I remember hearing about it a while ago and thinking it was interesting. Anyway, for you I signed up for twitter(always resisted twitter til now), we’re already friends on facebook, and I signed up for your newsletter and blogfeed via email. good luck in all that you do! you are awesome!

  54. kathy Mar 08th 11:54 am

    newsletter subscriber!

    So excited

  55. Lali johnson Mar 08th 12:15 pm

    I’ve friended you on FB, joined the newsletter, and subscribed via email.

    I look forward to reading RAD :)

  56. Jaime Nash Mar 08th 12:21 pm

    Excited about reading your e-book!
    I followed you on twitter (you need a profile picture, btw! :))
    I friended you on facebook.
    I joined your newsletter.
    i signed up for your blog feed via email.
    And now I’m going tweet the link to the splash page!
    Woo hoo! Here’s hoping to win a kindle fire! :)

  57. Nancy gonzales Mar 08th 12:28 pm

    RAD was truly renewing – thank you! I signed up for all of the above before I even knew there was a contest. hooked! thanks to natalie’s pinterest account – I found the contest. I have already sent the free book to so many people. we are born to be creators!

  58. nana tran Mar 08th 1:00 pm

    I entered via twitter. :D

  59. Andre Maltais Mar 08th 1:10 pm

    Followed on Twitter, subscribed on facebook, newsletter and blog feed.

  60. Champ Mar 08th 1:27 pm

    Aloha Brother Richie!

    I have followed you on twitter, friended you on facebook, joined your newsletter, signed up for your blog feed, tweeted your splash page, and facebooked your splash page!

    I think that equates to 6 entries!

  61. Victoria Derrick Mar 08th 1:29 pm

    hey richie! of course i adore you wife, so i’m looking forward to following along with you as well.
    What I did to enter-
    #1 Check, check, check, check
    #2 all done.
    ….maybe it’s a little over board but I also stumbled upon it, google +ed it, and pinned it. :-)

  62. Victoria Mar 08th 1:39 pm

    I suscribed to your blog feed and your newsletter! (2 entries!!)

    congrats on your new site!

  63. Claudia Mar 08th 1:55 pm

    FOllowing on Twitter, subscribe to the blog feed, join your newsletter and requested facebook friend and spread the news about your book! I have been following your wife’s blog for a while so i got a chance to read the ebook a while back…. very inspirational! Looking foward to reading your blog

  64. amber Mar 08th 1:56 pm

    Love the e-book, love the website, love abe’s mug shot (I do, after all, come from the land of lincoln), love the inspiration to do TODAY

    hate feeling like one of “those” that never gets past “ood,” trying to assess whether i’m making progress, stuck between “don’t run faster than you are able” and ” magnify”

    pondering the practical applications to busy life as “mom,” checking out your wife’s website, who appears to be one amazing mama

    looking for updates on fb, newsletter & blog feed

    how’s that?

    • Richie Norton Mar 08th 3:12 pm

      Thanks so much, Amber! And thanks for the insights. Looking forward to keeping in touch and I hope to learn from your experience with all this stuff.

  65. Tristen smith Mar 08th 2:47 pm

    Hey Richie! I just finished reading the book and watching the videos. It is awesome! I’ve signed up for your newsletter, subscribed to your feed, following you on Twitter, and friended you on FB.

    I’m sorry to hear about your son. It is inspiring to hear how you guys got through it (and are still getting through it).

    Thank you for starting “starting something”. I just got a job in car sales. Any ideas on how to apply social iniatives in that industry and also “serve” people In it?

    • Richie Norton Mar 08th 3:38 pm

      Hi Tristen,

      Wow. Great question, Tristen. Congrats on the new job. Sounds like you’re asking how to combine ideas #4 “Follow TOMS Lead” to be a social innovator and #5 “Replace the word MARKETING” with the word “serving.” Is that right? I’m not a car dealer and I can’t get detailed here. However, let’s assume you have two main customers: 1) the ones that show up at the dealership and 2) the ones that you cultivate outside the dealership. Fair enough?

      Customer 1 is a flash-in-the-pan scenario and I’m sure the dealership has all sorts of sales and closing tactics for those, right? I’m not going to get into that here.

      Customer 2, however, takes a more entrepreneurial/proactive approach. To drive more people to become Customer 1 (the kind that just show up), you need to focus efforts on Customer 2 (the ones that don’t know they need a car yet). If you, as a salesperson, have a list of people that you’ve “served” OUTSIDE the dealership, you’re more than likely to have them drive INTO the dealership when they’re ready. See where I’m going? That way when Customer 1 comes to the lot, it’s not “flash-in-the-pan” sales techniques. It’s someone you know, someone who trusts you, someone you can sell a car to w/o all the craziness that can go on in a negotiable sales transaction.

      The question then becomes: What can you do as an individual to be socially innovative and service-oriented off the lot? How can you be the go-to person when ANYONE in your network thinks of buying a car? When people in your circle of influence think of buying a car, they need to think of you first.

      Then, if you really want to make a difference, I’d ask: What socially-innovative service-oriented project can you propose to the key decision makers at the dealership (owner, manager, etc) to work with on with you to get people from off the lot to come to the lot? To do that effectively, you’d need to use idea #6 “Lead Your Employer” (go back and read that part). If you’re successful at employing these strategies, I think you’ll “add congruent value” (as we talk about in the book) to the company, become indispensable and drive sales. Plus, potentially get some great publicity for the company from your project. Be sure to tell the media what you’re doing!

      Wish I could be more helpful.

      Have fun!

  66. Anna K Mar 08th 2:49 pm

    Hello!!! We are facebook friends

  67. Anna K Mar 08th 2:50 pm

    I posted your book to facebook!! :)

  68. Anna kessie Mar 08th 2:53 pm

    I also signed up for your blog feed!! I am excited!

  69. Anna K Mar 08th 2:54 pm

    I signed up for your newsletter too!

  70. Cindy Westerhaus Mar 08th 8:54 pm

    I tweeted!/huskercinthia/status/177980377472827392

  71. cindy Westerhaus Mar 08th 8:54 pm

    I follow you on twitter too @huskercinthia

  72. bEN bARLOW Mar 08th 11:00 pm




  73. Monica Young Mar 09th 3:03 am

    Hi there :)
    I followed you on twitter @monnie311
    I sent you a friend request
    Will tweet when I get the chance

  74. DJ Christensen Mar 09th 3:04 am

    Loved your book! You’ve validated my life and best accomplishments. Had to write something on my own site about it, and thank you for making it free. And, yes, I’ve got some stupid stories to share with you…
    PS: Following on twitter, friended, you on facebook and subscribed to the newsletter. I can be persuaded for a kindle, but will stay for the content.

  75. Olivia Mar 09th 7:13 am

    Richie!!!! I am so excited that you have started this blog. Ever since i read RAD I have craved more words of wisdom from you. I have signed up for all of the above as well as facebooked the link. I want my friends and family to have the opportunity to get to experience your amazing book. Thank you for all you do. you are such a great example to the world!!!

  76. Tim Vreeland Mar 09th 8:07 am

    Hey Richie,
    I sent a facebook link and signed up for your newsletter and blog. Sorry I don’t have a twitter account, although I bet this link will do some good in Linkedin.

  77. Rachel Johnson Mar 09th 9:16 am

    Subscribed on facebook, signed up for newsletter, and blog

  78. Laura Radniecki Mar 09th 1:24 pm

    Congratulations on all of your success, Richie!

    I have:

    followed you on twitter
    friended you in FB
    joined your newsletter
    and followed your blog

    I also tweeted and facebooked your link to Resumes are dead [love that ebook!!]

    Best of luck in all your endeavors and I’ll be reading along the way!

  79. Heather Mar 09th 4:13 pm

    1. Fb friends already for years :)
    2. already have your book from when you first finished it. (awesome by the way)
    3. just signed up for the newsletter and
    4. subscribed to blog feed!

    YOu rock!!!!!!

  80. Juanita Raymond Mar 09th 7:57 pm

    Just downloaded my copy and like you on Facebook. Looking forward to reading “resume’s are dead” and the chance to win a Kindle fire.
    Thanks :D

  81. susan Mar 10th 11:46 am

    i requested to be your friend on FB, joined to received your newsletter, and signed up for your blog feed. =) can’t wait to read your ebook!

  82. La Mar 11th 6:42 pm

    friended on facebook!

  83. jennie f Mar 12th 12:09 pm

    follow you on twitter!
    follow your blog feed!
    follow your newsletter !
    and we’re bffs on FB!

  84. Jennifer Kovacs Mar 12th 12:53 pm

    I just signed up for your newsletter!!! Cannot wait to share this with my hubby who, at 43, has struggled with finding employment other than entry level the last couple of years. thank you!

  85. george Kovacs Mar 12th 12:56 pm

    Just signed up for your blog entries to bless my mailbox!

  86. Morgan Mar 13th 8:39 am

    i signed up for your blog feed via email. congratulations on this new endeavor.

  87. Kristin Mar 13th 7:19 pm

    hi. I found your blog through natalie. I’ve subscribed to your blog via email and your newsletter too! Congrats on starting this!

  88. Erica Best Mar 13th 8:39 pm

    did everything on the list

  89. Erica Best Mar 13th 8:39 pm!/purplelover04/status/179788838078644224

  90. Ashley ekelund Mar 13th 10:13 pm

    My dad gave me a copy of your book tonight, and it couldn’t have come at a better time! I’ve followed (twitter), shared (facebook), subscribed (facebook), emailed (the link to a friend), signed up (newsletter), and signed up again (blog by email), all within the last ten minutes! Thank you. i have big hopes for this.

  91. Cindy Westerhaus Mar 14th 6:27 pm

    I tweeted your splash page!/huskercinthia/status/180117731377557504

  92. Cindy Westerhaus Mar 14th 6:29 pm

    I friended you on Facebook

  93. Robin T Mar 15th 7:45 am

    joined newsletter, and subscribed to blog feed!

    your wife is uh-ma-zing btw

  94. Robin T Mar 15th 7:53 am

    And I friended on FB…..

  95. Naomi chase Mar 16th 7:03 pm

    Hi Richie. Facebook – tick, blog – tick, newsletter – tick. Gosh that was easy three ticks, now the fun begins for us all!

  96. Alane Clark Mar 16th 8:39 pm

    I followed you on twitter, friend requested on fb, posted the link on fb, signed up for newsletter and subscribed to the blog feed.

  97. Rosemary Mar 20th 2:36 pm

    Following on twitter, subscribed to Facebook, subscribed to newsletter, and subscribed to blog feed. Oh, and I tweeted the link to your e-book for 5 total entries! Thanks! :)

  98. Michael Parker Mar 20th 5:07 pm

    You’re doing it! I think I’m going to be saying to people one day, “I totally know that guy! He was my landlord and teacher at BYUH! Now look at him!” You guys are doing great. Saw your article on LDS Living. I still plan to go to Empire State building and pay the extra to get above the “competition”.

    PS – I already had Resumes are Dead, so I didn’t download it. But I sent it to everyone!

  99. Michael Parker Mar 20th 5:18 pm

    I almost forgot!
    1. FB friends already.
    2. newsfeed via email
    3. LinkedIN
    4. no twitter
    5. Newsletter
    4. Always faithful in paying you rent – GO BLUE HOUSE
    5. read article on LDS living
    6. Excited for the new book
    7. I’m making meaning

  100. Lucile Mar 25th 9:01 am

    following you on Twitter :)

  101. Nicole Mar 29th 4:25 am

    I signed up for your newsletter.

  102. Nicole Mar 29th 4:25 am

    I signed up for updates on your blog.

  103. Cory Woolsey Mar 31st 12:40 am

    Hey Richie,
    • I subscribed to your Facebook page,
    • I am following you on twitter,
    • I subcribed to your newsletter,
    • I subscribed to your blog feed
    • I posted your splash page link on Facebook and twitter.
    I read your ebook and love it! It Is truly inspiring. I find it funny that I am semi-writting you a résumé on what I did and that I will be filtered out by It feels like applying for a job. I feel that I and others are seeing the requirements to get the kindle fire but we are missing the gorilla. I hope I am not missing the gorilla and that I am paying the extra $15 dollars.
    I see that you are rewarding everyone possibilities of obtaining the kindle based upon their efforts of getting to know you and your works, as well as help spread the news of your new book. I believe your efforts would help out those around me so I am not only going to spread the word via technology but by word to my family and friends. Also with your permission I can post your book advertisement to some bulitin boards at my university and pass it by my university’s career services program. I go to Weber State University in Utah. Hopefully this can get me some extra points or some better leverage to getting a Kindle fire. I’ll post you next week on how many friends and family I have told about your new book.
    P.s. was that a “teachings of Thomas s. monson” book in the background of your short videos of your ebook?

  104. Jocah Le Fey Apr 27th 4:17 am

    Hey Richie…
    1. Friends on fb.
    2. Subscribed on fb.
    3. email Newsletter activated.
    4. BLog Feed Subscribed.
    5. Shared RAD on my fb wall.
    6. share The Power Of Starting Something Stupid on my fb wall.
    7. Emailed your link to some work colleagues who work as Employment Consultants, i think they could really benefit from your approach, as they are always looking for new ways to help clients get jobs!
    Good Luck… I’m Inspired. Now if i can just figure out what my Dream Job would be…! Hmmmm


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